How to Link Twitch to Discord (2020) – Desktop & Mobile
How to Link twitch to discord

How to Link Twitch to Discord (2020) – Desktop & Mobile

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Twitch is a great platform for the viewers and subscribers for live video and other categories of streaming, discord on another hand is a platform to connect people with similar interests, so here I will explain how to link twitch to discord and about the benefits.   

You can connect many other accounts to discord like YouTube and Facebook and start streaming by using Twitch, YouTube, or any other platform.

Benefits of Linking Discord and Twitch________________

Both Streamer and viewers can enjoy the benefits of integrating twitch to discord, few of them are

  • Streamers can increase their subscribers by creating a subscriber role in discord servers and viewers by linking twitch account to discord can use special twitch emotes in discord.
  • Streamers can also create giveaways in discord by inviting twitch users which will definitely grab the viewer’s attention and interest.
  • Viewers too can view the list of channels they have subscribed to.

There are many other benefits and tricks that will make you feel you took the right decision by connecting your Twitch account to discord.

Let’s move on to the steps on how to link Twitch to Discord


How to Link Twitch to Discord on Desktop___

Integrating a Twitch account to Discord is easy and can be done quickly with these simple steps. Make sure you have enabled discord 2-factor authentication to keep your account secure.

1. Open your Discord dashboard and click on the user settings located at the very left-hand bottom, besides your profile picture.

2. In the user settings, click on the Connections Tab and you will see the list of accounts that can be integrated with discord.

How to connect twitch to discord
How to connect twitch to discord

3. The very first icon will be of Twitch, click on it. This will redirect you to the Twitch website to login and authorize.

sign in to twitch to authorize discord
sign in to twitch to authorize discord

4. Type your twitch username and password to log in. This will bring up another page where it will ask for authorization, simply click on Authorize.

5. Once authorized, a twitch will be displayed in the connections box and now anyone can visit the twitch account from your discord integration profile.

Authorize Twitch
Authorize Twitch

How to Connect Twitch to Discord on Mobile______  

1. Open the Discord application on your android or iPhone.

2. Now on the very right-hand bottom of the discord app, you will find your profile picture icon, tap on it. If you don’t see that, simply slide the screen to the right to see this option.

3. User settings will now come up, look for connections, and tap on it.

how to integrate twitch on discord mobile
how to integrate twitch on discord mobile

4. In the connections box look on the very right-hand top you will find ADD, tap on it to integrate twitch to discord.

5. You will now see a list of apps that can be connected to discord, choose twitch from the list.

twitch icon on discord

6. Doing this will redirect you to the twitch login screen, please enter your twitch username and password. Once done Click on Authorize to give the permission and now your Twitch is connected to Discord.

7. Close the browser to come back to the discord mobile app. In the connections box, you can now see twitch.

Twitch will now sync with discord and anyone can view your twitch account from discord profile.


How to Remove Twitch Account from Discord______

Due to any reason if you want to unlink twitch from discord, though there are many benefits of connecting discord and twitch but still below instruction will help you to remove twitch from discord.

You can do this in two different ways, simply unlinking or completely remove the authorization.

  1. Open Discord dashboard and click on the user settings to open the Connections tab.
  2. In the connections, you will find Twitch, hover up to twitch, and click on the X in front of it.
    remove twitch
    remove twitch
  3. This will come with another pop-up where it will confirm the disconnection, so click on Disconnect.
  4. Now to completely remove, open your twitch account and click on your profile picture that is on the very right-hand top.
  5. From the dropdown click on settings that you can find at the bottom.
  6. In the settings, click on the Connections tab and scroll down to find discord. Click on the Disconnect button that is in front of the discord.


Discord Twitch Integration not Working__________

There was an official declaration by discord about this glitch while integrating twitch with discord in Feb 2020.

I am sure this issues has been resolved, but still if you are having trouble while synching twitch with discord than you can probably try

  • Make sure you have completely removed the discord from twitch and twitch from discord (You can see the instruction on this above).
  • Linking discord and twitch from other devices
  • Clear the browser cache, restart the computer and try again.

Most of the time, even I had these issues while synching twitch with discord so I tried twice and it worked.



So far you learned how to link twitch to discord and many other related topics. There are many benefits of integrating app to discord and for other programs as well, like in Twitch.

Please let me know in the comment box what benefit you enjoy most and are you a streamer or a viewer.

If you have any concerns or issues related to discord and twitch, let me know in the comment box.

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